American Football Rules, Scoring, Penalties & Others

Our guide will tell you about American football rules. At the same time as the football game is popular and played all over the world. However, the other teams cannot compete with the North American NFL team. 

Besides that, you must know the football rules before taking part in this game. Likewise, after reading the whole guide, you will know several things about football. Read on!

Basic American Football Rules

Before we tell the basic football rules, you must know about the object, equipment, players, scoring, and football game players. 

What Is The Object In-Game?

The object in-game is football, and the teams have to score more points by making the goals. Moreover, the teams can pass the ball to their players and defend the opposing team’s ball. 

Also, the football game gives four downs to each team. Besides that, the team members have to kick the ball for at least 10 yards for making a goal.

If one team couldn’t make the goal in 4 chances, that ball will be given to the other team. 

Equipment’s and Players 

There are 11 players on each team of football. Besides, there are two teams in American football. In addition, each team comes with 45 players, and they can split the players into three strata. 

The first team of football is the attacking group. Besides, this group has smaller and stronger players that have great throwing abilities. Likewise, in this group of football, the players should have better-attacking skills as well. 

Other than that, the second group will have defensive players. Moreover, defensive players should have the ability to stop the opposing team from running. This second team is the most powerful.

Lastly, the third team of football has a mixture of several types of players. Also, this team group should know how to kick and run faster. Besides that, the American football field has the dimensions of 100 yards’ length and 60 yards’ width. 

Scoring Of Football

The scores of football are quite different from other games. Six points are awarded to the team when any player of one team makes a touchdown. 

The touchdown happens when the player takes the ball to the end of the football yard. In addition, the goals occur when you can successfully make a goal without any violation of the football game.

Other than that, the football attacking team can have an extra point when their players can stop the ball from making a goal. Furthermore, the defensive team can get two extra points when they don’t let the attacking team kick the ball. In this case, the attacking team will have 2 points.

Winning Football Team

The team that got the highest score will win. If the points are tied for both teams, then another quarter is played until one team gets a higher score than others.

American Football Rules

  • Each quarter of the football game lasts for 15 minutes. Moreover, the American football game includes 2 minutes break after the 1 quarter, 2 quarters, and the 3rd quarter. Besides that, the last quarter of the game gives 15 minutes of break.
  • Furthermore, the American football game allows the team to reach the downsides four times in gaining the 10 yards of distance. However, if one team couldn’t make a goal in the 4 yards, they would have to pass the ball to another team.
  • On the other side, the captain of each team can decide which player to send for attacking. In addition, the players have to follow the instructions that their coaches or captains.
  • At the beginning of the football game, the referee tosses a coin to have the football first. This team who won the toss can choose the pitch from where they can start the game.
  • After tossing, the game starts with the first kick, and the team has to run towards the football till the furthest point.
  • Lastly, if one team has completed the 40 yards, they cannot make another goal. It is necessary to pass the ball to the other team; otherwise, it will be a field goal at that point.

Therefore, if the players didn’t follow the rules, there are some penalties for them that we’ll discuss below.

Penalties Of Football

Some of the penalties can happen if the player violates the rules or makes a foul. Moreover, the penalties of football depend on the yards. Sometimes, the penalties can be 5 yards. However, it can be higher up to 15 yards as well.

Besides that, there are some penalties that are listed below:

  • Wrong Start

When the football player doesn’t make the right offense move, they will get 5 yards. 

  • Offside

Suppose the player of any team comes at the scrimmage line, then they will get an offside penalty. However, the penalty can be hard if the player touches or hits the defensive player.

  • Holding the Football

When any player holds the football in hand, it will be considered as a holding penalty.

  • Passing Interference 

The passing interference penalty occurs when the player intentionally throws the ball in the air to protect it from the defensive team. Other than that, if the defensive team members are trying to catch the ball from the hand, it can also be a passing interference penalty.

  • Facemask or Grabbing Face

It is not legal to grab the face of players for protecting them from the accident.

  • Rough Passing Or Kicking

Rough passing is also a penalty when the player kicks theball and starts running after it.

  • Intentionally Grounding

When any player doesn’t pass the ball anywhere near the other player, it’s an intentional grounding penalty.

  • Ineligible Downside

Lastly, when any player is not eligible to pass the ball above 5 yards, it is an ineligible downside penalty.

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