Basketball Court Dimensions Of FIBA And NBA – A Short Guide

The basketball court dimensions of FIBA and NBA are quite similar. However, the FIBA court is slightly smaller than the NBA; the difference is very negligible. Besides that, the NBA and FIBA have similar dimensions, such as the basket’s height, size, and distance of basket from the throwing line.

Basketball Court Dimensions And Markings

The Nation Basketball Association – NBA has the following court dimensions:

  • 94 x 50 feet
  • 28.7 x 15.2 meters’

The FIBA – Under International Basketball Federation have slightly smaller dimensions that are the following:

  • 28 x 15 meters’
  • 91.9 x 49.2 feet

The court surface of the NBA and FIA is flat. Additionally, the Court has two baskets for each team, and they have inbound parts, ending lines, and centerlines. Moreover, the front side of the Court has a basket for each team, and there are sidelines marked on the floor.

On the other side, there are the end lines marked on the Court as well. Additionally, the basketball court has the centerline that is close to the opponent team’s basket.

Line Dimensions of Basketball Court

The color of the lines on Court is 5 cm, and these lines are prominent on the Court.

Boundary Line

The boundary line is marked on playing Court, and the Court has ending lines as well. However, the ending lines and sidelines aren’t including in the playing court area.

Other than that, the Court has 2 meters wide boundary line with visible contrasting color. The boundary line’s color should be similar to the centerline of the Court and the restricted area.

Centre Lines, Free Semi Circles, And Centre Circle

The centerline lies parallel to the ending line of the Court and its midpoint. The length of the centerline is 0.15 meters. Don’t forget that the centerline is included in the backcourt. Moreover, the radius of the centerline is 1.80 meters from its circumference. 

Also, the basketball court’s restricted area and the center circle will have the same paint color. Furthermore, the colors of semi-circles have a radius of 1.80 meters’ from the outer edge and midpoint of the Court.

Restricted Area Of Basketball, Free Throwing Lines And Rebound Areas

The throw line on the basketball court is parallel to the ending line. Moreover, the edges of the free-throw line are 3.6 meters long. Besides, the free-throw lines are 3.6 meters long. Other than that, the free-throw line’s midpoint lies in the center of the imaginary line.

You will find the restricted areas on the basketball court. The basketball court’s extended lines come with 2.45 meters from the mid to the ending point. 

However, the ending lines of the basketball court are included in the restricted area. Also, the restricted lines of the basketball court should have the same color.

Goal Area 3-Point 

The goal area field, not the 3-point line area. So don’t consider the field area in-goal area. Besides that, the goal area should have the following dimensions as well as markings.

  • The 3-point goal has 2 straight lines that are perpendicular to each other till the ending line. The inner edge has 0.90 meters’ measurement from the sides of the Court. 
  • Likewise, the goal area’s radius is 6.75 meters from the floor towards the outer edge of the opponent’s team basket. However, the distance of the midpoint from the inner edge is 1.57 meters. 

Bench Areas

The bench areas of the team should be placed at the 2 lines outside of the Court. There should be 14 seats for each team at the bench area. Furthermore, the team benches will have seats for coaches, assistants, substitute players, and team followers. 

Throw-in lines of the Court

The throw-in lines of Court have 0.15 meters’ length from the outer side of the Court. Besides that, the throw-in lines have an outer edge area of 8.325 meters. These dimensions are measured from the opponent’s side of the scorer.

No semi-circle areas – No-charge

Every basketball court should have the semi-circle lines marked, so the players know the limit. The basketball court’s semi-circle radius is 1.25 meters from the basketball, and it has 1.25 meters’ length from the inner edge of the basketball circle.

Two lines are perpendicularly matching at the endpoints. In addition, the ending length of the basketball should be 1.20meters from the inner area of the basketball court.

Besides that, the semi-circle of no charge has the imaginary lines joined to the front side of the backboards on the basketball court. The circles of no charges aren’t part of semi-circle areas on Court.

The Audiences 

The distance of the audience from the Court should be at least 5 meters. The basketball court’s outer corner shouldn’t be close enough because the ball can hit the spectators.

Mini Basketball Court and It’s Dimensions

There is a mini basketball court as well for those players who are under 11 years. Moreover, the mini basketball courts are great for those young players who like to play basketball to practice for completion.

Additionally, the basketball mini court’s court dimensions are 26 meters’ x 14 meters’ x 12 meters’ x 7 meters’. Besides that, the throw line of the mini basketball court is 4 meters from the backboard.

The surface of the mini basketball court is hard, and it is completely flat. However, some of the mini courts may have slightly larger or smaller dimensions than our measurements.

The mini basketball game includes five players in each team. Both teams have an objective to increase their score and stop the other team from having more scores.

To Sum Up

Standard basketball court dimensions are 28 meters long and 15 meters wide. You will not feel any significant difference in the dimensions while playing at FIBA or NBA court. The basketball court has visible markings, so the players don’t have confusion while playing. 

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