Did You Know? Pakistan Helped Argentina Win Their First FIFA World Cup

Pakistan’s World Cup-winning hockey team and Olympian Abdul Waheed Khan tactically helped Argentina to win their first football World Cup in 1978.

With Argentina set to play the final of the FIFA World Cup 2022 against France, the story of Pakistan’s hockey team aiding their first football World Cup victory in 1978 has surprised the internet. According to the details, Argentina’s football manager, Cesar Menotti, took notes from Pakistan’s hockey manager, Abdul Waheed Khan, which helped them win their first World Cup.

In 1978, both the hockey and the football World Cups were scheduled in Argentina. The hockey World Cup showcased before the sports fraternity the absolute excellence of team Pakistan under the management of former gold-medalist, Abdul Waheed Khan. Pakistan not only won the World Cup but also created several records including the one for scoring the most number of goals in a single edition of the World Cup as they recorded 35 goals. Moreover, Pakistan was the first team to win the World Cup without losing or drawing any game. Pakistan also had the highest goal difference of 31 in a World Cup, a record which still stands tall.

While the world was stunned to see Pakistan’s magnificent performance in the field of hockey, Cesar Menotti came to meet Abdul Waheed Khan to learn the same tactics for Argentina’s football campaign. Abdul Waheed Khan told Cesar Menotti about his concept of ‘double attack’ in which his team launched an attack from the right side to concentrate the opposition on that half only to switch the attack from the left side. He also told him to utilize wingers in case it was difficult to defeat the opponent’s attack from the center. Cesar Menotti learned about the whole concept, took some notes, and left.

Later in the year, Argentina clinched their first-ever FIFA World Cup title. He then sent back a telegram to Abdul Waheed Khan to thank him for the tactics which helped Argentina win FIFA World Cup in 1978.

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