How to Play Ice Hockey? – Rules of Playing Ice Hockey 

Let’s find an answer of how to play ice hockey? Ice hockey is a fast and clever game that consists of six players in each team. It is usually a fight between two teams at a time. And its main focus is on the ball, which refers to “Puck.” And then both the teams fight for passing this “Puck” to the Boundry or Goal line.

NHL is the largest National Hockey League that earns millions of dollars every year by this game.

Rules to Play Ice Hockey

The special ball that uses for playing ice hockey is a Puck. The Puck is quite denser and made up of rubber. Also, it weighs only 6 ounces.

The main objective is to hit this Puck or ball with a hockey stick on the ice and pass it to the players. Then Ultimately hit the Puck to the Goal point. This game works on the ice floor. Every time the Puck reaches the Goal point, One score adds for that team on the scoreboard. And the other team always tries to prevent and stop the Puck to reaches the fixed goal point. The one team that makes more Goals in a given time is the winner.

Moreover, if the ice hockey match ends with a tie, the match will enter into an overtime period. In this overtime, the team which makes a goal first is the winners.


The Ice Hockey match is very much interesting. Players have worn the skates and play on an Ice rink. The normal size of this ice floor or rink is approximately 61m in length and 31m in width. This ice rink consists of three sections

  • Neutral Zone
  • Attacking zone
  • defending zone

The game begins from the central point of the neutral zone. Each team consists of 20 members. Out of these twenty, only six are active while playing on the ice rink. These six includes a 

Goaltender and Five outfield players, other members of the team can participate in the game according to need. A specific location assigns the goaltender, and he is not permitted to cross the red line. At the same time, the other five players play and run across the ice rink.

Every player consists of its hockey, ice skates, and padding tools and equipment types. These equipment types consist of face masks and helmets, safe shorts, Shoulder covering pads, arm protectors, and gloves. The goaltender may consist of the same equipment and tools, but he has denser and thicker quality because he needs to suffer more during the game.

Time Cycle of Gaming Period

The minimum period for every game is three twenty minutes. Moreover, if there is a break or any pause, the time interval stops simultaneously and then resume from that point after the break.

And if the time is up for one interval then, the game is stuck at the same moment and resumes in the second interval.


The goal is not to be approved until the Puck does not hit the goal line. The player can hit the Puck with or without the stick even with a foot’s help, but beyond all, the player cannot use his hands or touch the Puck to make a goal.

Using modern technology, the goal line has a sensor that will help the empire and controller keep a complete check on the Puck when the goal has passed the Redline.


Before starting the game, all the players are set in the ground at the specific and reliable position at the ice rink’s five corners. Only two players are stand in the middle at the center circle of the neutral area. This faceoff location is very important for the beginning of the game. All the suspense and interest of the crowd keep an eye on this location. All the kind viewers desperately wait for the players to begin the game. These two are the starters of ice hockey games.

Moreover, the faceoff location finds through the place where the game is stopped last time.

Permit and Restrictions of Games

  • If players violate any game rules, use abusive language against any opposition player, or misbehave with others. He gets out of the ice rink for almost up to five minutes. And the team will play with only five players during that time. Management will not allow an additional player to play in his place.
  • If the opponent team can make a goal during the first two minutes of punishment, the player can return to the ground immediately after the goal.
  • Moreover, if a person gets injured during a match or some misshape, he will replace the other twenty players who are setting out the field for any need.
  • Icing the Puck for the betterment of the game is also important. It happens when a player on his side of the red line shoots the Puck towards the ice, and it crosses the boundary line at bay point of the game.
  • Icing does not get important when teams are at equal strength of win. When this occurs, the game is stopped simultaneously, and the Puck is returned to the other end of the ice for a faceoff in the provided team’s zone.
  • When an opposing player hits the Puck hard out with a stick above shoulder height, the game will resume, and a faceoff will ignore.
  • If a team makes a goal and the Puck is hit with a stick hard and above the goal Crossbar’s height, management does not consider that goal.


Ice Hockey is a very important and interesting game that is very popular in Canada, Europe, Russia, and the United States. And termed as Official Winter Sport of Canada. Moreover, this has an ice hockey federation in more than 76 countries. Besides all, it is a full effort game that has a high risk of injury. Because players run and move with a high speed of approximately 20-30 mph, it is a fantastic exercise game that protects a player from many cardiovascular diseases. And allows the oxygen to reaches the muscles more quickly and efficiently.



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