Ice Hockey Facts – Random Fun Facts You Did Not Know! 

Here in our guide, we will tell some interesting ice hockey facts that you might not know. Ice hockey is a speedy game that players have to play on the ice courts. In addition, the players have to skate speedily to beat the opponent team. 

Moreover, ice hockey is popular in many countries like Canada, United States, Sweden, Czech, Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. In addition to this, ice hockey is the national sport of Canada. Other than that, you will find ice hockey quite popular in the northeast, Midwest, and Alaska.

Do you know the hockey country is its geographical region? Furthermore, there are 64 members of the federation of international ice hockey. Ice hockey is an interesting game that you can play in the winter season on the ice courts.

15 Ice Hockey Facts

Some of the ice hockey facts that are interesting to share with others are the following:


  • Puck Of Cow Poop


Back in the late 1800s, the puck of ice hockey was made from cow poop. That seems a bit gross, but, indeed, you might not know before.


  • Freeze Puck


The pucks of cow poop hockey were kept in the freezer, so they don’t bounce or break during the game. Moreover, this technique became quite popular to make the puck harder to glide smoothly on the ice courts.


  • Octopus Throwing


An octopus throwing tradition has an interesting history behind it. Furthermore, the octopus throwing started when the American brothers brought an octopus on hockey playing. The octopus was there as a prop, and they did a toss with it on the ice, which became a lucky charm for that team. So that’s why the octopus is lucky for the ice hockey players.


  • Slap shot Pete


Once a player of ice hockey brought the penguin, and it had a name slap shot Pete. The penguin entertained the audience, and it is one of the most popular fun facts about ice hockey.


  • Trophy That Players Forgot To Take With Them


You might be stunned to know about the forgotten trophy ice hockey fact. In the game of 1924 at Stanley, the players were heading to the victory party, and the car of players had a flat tire. They had to change the tire immediately. Later then all the players forgot to take out the trophy. On the same night, one player had a glimpse at the trophy. Luckily the trophy was at the same spot.


  • Cup Snacks Of Stanley


After the Stanley ice hockey game, the players had one cup to fill with their favorite food items. Moreover, the players filled the cup with the cereal, meatballs, ice cream, as well as wings. There were a lot of other food items available as well.


  • Puck Drop


The puck drop is the sticks that players are aggressively trying to catch it. Furthermore, the puck drop caused a lot of injuries and bruises. The referee also changed the puck drop rules, so it doesn’t cause any major injuries.


  • Trophy Typos


The trophy typos had several mistakes. On the trophy, the misspelling was bqstqn instead of Boston. Moreover, the maple leaf’s spelling was written as leaes.


  • Fans On Ice


Two players had several injuries during the game, and later there were some alterations in the game rules. Moreover, the fans were kept outside of the court line of the ice.


  • Captain Rules


The captain should stay on the ice hockey court all the time during the game. Moreover, the rules of a captain were tough then for the other players of ice hockey.


  • Stuck Goalie


In the game of ice hockey, the goalie member cannot cross the red line in the center of the court. Whether the goalie has a puck or not, they cannot cross the specific line.


  • Grasshopper Invasion


Once in an ice hockey game, several grasshoppers were hopping on the ice court. Moreover, the ice hockey players said that there were other bugs on the ice court as well. Many flies were on the court of las vegas in 1991. 

Likewise, the invasion of grasshopper made history in ice hockey. 


  • Rained Out


Due to heavy rain in 1995 at the NHL ice hockey game was irrecoverable. Furthermore, the people were fearful at that time because there was a flood in the arena. So the game could not be even postponed, and it was the first ice hockey game on the NHL. However, the time was unlucky for NHL in 1995. 


  • Five Ways-Five Goals


Another interesting fact about ice hockey occurred in 1988. In this game of ice hockey, a famous player made 5 goals. The Mario Lemieux did five superb goals and kept the game power in his hand. Moreover, the last shot of the game was a goal as well. Luckily, the last goal was done in one second only that become history in the ice hockey game.


  • Women In Ice Hockey Game


We think that ice hockey is a male sports game, but many women used to play hockey back than 100 years ago. Moreover, the first women hockey game was situated in Canada in 1892 in Ontario. Moreover, ice hockey became popular in 1990. In 1998, the international committee of Olympic said to make an ice hockey winter sports game.

To Sum Up

Were those 15 all ice hockey facts interesting? One of the most fun ice hockey games is the five-way – five goals and the trophy that players forgot to take with them. Certainly, they are fun to share with other hockey fellows as well. Moreover, you can better bond with your team members when you know more about your favorite game. 

Comment below which ice hockey fun fact you liked the most. Thank you for visiting us!

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