Rules Of Basketball – Fouls, Violations & Game Clock

Fortunately, the rules of basketball aren’t difficult to understand. In our guide, you will have several other essential things: fouls, game clock, violations, and much more about basketball. 

However, some of the younger basketball players will have difficulty in remembering the rules. Thus, you have to teach the rules of basketball to them repeatedly.

So before teaching the rules, you must have a clear picture of them; read on!

At the end of our guide, you will be aware of several basketball things, and you’ll be easily teaching your team about the rules.

What are the Rules Of Basketball?

Basketball is not a single-player sports game; it involves 2 teams and several players. Moreover, each basketball team will have 5 players who have to throw the basketball in the 10 feet high basket. Furthermore, the basketball court can be in an indoor and outdoor area.

Besides that, the basketball court has a rectangular shape, and you can visibly see the hoop on both sides. In fact, the basketball court has a partition that is the mid-court line. 

Additionally, the basketball game provides 10 seconds so that the offensive team players can bring the ball up to the mid-line.

However, if the offensive team fails to do so, the other team – the defensive team will have an opportunity to get the ball. The basketball shouldn’t be kept on the offensive team; otherwise, the defensive team can get the basketball.

The basketball team members have to dribble the ball and move closer to the basket to do the goal. Furthermore, the team having the ball is called the offensive team, and other players of the second-team who are defending the ball to get into the basket are defensive members.

The defensive members have to steal the basketball from other players without pushing or violating the rules.

Points Of Basketball Game

Whenever one basketball team throws the ball in the basket, they will get 2 points. But they will give the ball to the other team. If the ball falls outside of the 3 points, the team will get 3 points. Sometimes the players can get the free throw, and that will give them one point only.

Moreover, the free throw is provided to that team who committed any violation or foul. Other than that, you might have heard about the shooter that can get more than 2 points. Nevertheless, the points are only rewarded if the shooter throws the ball in the basket or on the 3-point line.

Game Clock

The basketball game is alienated into sections and after every level comes with 2 parts. One part is almost 20 minutes long. However, professional basketball games such as NBA comes with 12 minutes halves.

However, the breaks between the parts of a basketball game are short. Thus, if both teams have similar scores than the rules, another session begins until one team wins.

Tip-Off And Assignment Of Basket

Two teams of basketball have to throw the basketball in that basket, which is assigned to them. Moreover, the other teams’ basket is for doing the goal. After one half, the basket will be switched between the teams.

The basketball game starts when each team sends one member to the center of the court. The referee will flip the basketball, and whoever gets it first will have an opportunity to pass the ball to their team member. This process is a tip-off.

What Are The Fouls And Violations Of Basketball?

There are some fouls and violations that can happen when the defensive team is trying to take the basketball from the offensive team:

Below are the fouls of the basketball game:

Personal Fouls

When any player physically touches the other player by hitting, slapping, pushing, or even holding.


Charging was a foul type when one player pushed other defensive team players while taking the ball.


Blocking is another foul in basketball when you can make physical contact by stopping the other person from the offensive team.

Flagrant Fouls

Harsh contact with the other person is a flagrant foul. Additionally, the flagrant fouls include pushing, kicking, as well as hitting. When a flagrant foul happens, the other team will get an opportunity to have a free throw.

Technical Fouls

When any player uses abusive language or uses gestures that are intentionally bad technical foul will occur.

Intentional Fouls

When any player pushes, pulls, or hits other players without reason, an intentional foul will happen.

Violations Of Basketball 

There are some violations of basketball that are the following:


When the player takes one more step when dribbling the basketball, it is a violation walking.


When any basketball player is dribbling, but the hand movements are not correct or too far, it will be a foul.

Double Dribbling

Double dribbling is another violation of basketball, and you cannot pick up the ball once you did dribbling.

Held Basketball

There are typically one or two players in the basketball game who have to stop the defensive player who is having the ball, but it would violate any player held the ball in hand. A referee will stop the game for giving any penalty.

Goal Tending

When any defensive player touches the basket or the backboard while making a goal, it will violate. Moreover, if the goaltending violation happens, the other team will have a free throw opportunity.

Backcourt Violation

The backcourt violation will happen when the offensive player brought the ball on the mid-line, and as a penalty other team is rewarded with the ball.


The last penalty is a time restriction, and it happens when the player didn’t pass the basketball in five seconds to the other player. Time restriction violation will allow passing the ball to another player. 

Furthermore, the time shot clock is also a kind of violation, and the team has to make a goal in the specific time frame.

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